About the Northern Hilltowns COA Consortium

The Northern Hilltowns Consortium of Councils on Aging is a collaborative group of seven COAs in rural Western Hampshire County, Massachusetts. The Consortium includes the town Councils on Aging of Williamsburg, Westhampton, Chesterfield, Worthington, Goshen, Cummington and Plainfield.

Since formation of the Consortium in the late 1990’s the seven COA directors have met regularly. Consortium members share history, knowledge and experiences of their individual towns to develop programs and activities that are not only tailored to the uniqueness of each town but also designed to share with other older adults in the hilltowns..

The Consortium is a unique entity within the Massachusetts aging service continuum. It continues to expand its visibility, help COAs coordinate a growing network of resources , share important information and access funding for services that make it easier for people to “Age in Place”.

Over time the shared efforts of the Consortium members have evolved to build stronger community systems that reduce isolation and help older adults remain in their own homes, actively participate in community life, live healthy lives, feel appreciated and have strong connections to each other.

The Consortium has used its collaborative strength to secure funding from regional, state and national sources. It has also formed partnerships with other community groups and organization as a way to reach even further into making our communities more livable for everyone as they age.

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