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Technology help for all Northern Hilltown residents

How to Spot a Credit Card Skimmer at Gas Pumps

Knowing how to identify a gas pump skimmer is the first step in protecting yourself from this common scam.

Scam Alert: Smishing for Dollars

Scammers never sleep. They used to make telephone calls and/or send faux computer messages.

Important Updates from OATS (Older Adults Technology Services)

3rd Quarter Updates and Emergency Preparedness

pat theyer 1st church food pantry

Hilltown Food Pantry Reopens

Hilltown Food Pantry, a program of Northampton Survival Center, is open for food distribution to residents of the hilltowns of western Hampshire County.

tax forms

Good News for May!

by Deborah Hollingworth

hilltown mobile market

Hilltown Mobile Market

The Hilltown Mobile Market is coming back this summer with more farms, new locations, a longer season, and double the number of farm shares!

The Big Five! Durable Power of Attorney

Someone you trust and who you appointed can act for you

Seniors Aware of Fire Education

Ways children can help their grandparents keep things safe at home