Community (from the Director)

The weather is finally warming up, flowers are blooming, trees are green and people are getting outdoors. This makes me think of gathering and community. The Senior Center just had our 1st annual Senior “Town” Prom and what a blast! There was dancing, food, laughter and people of all different generations gathering together. We cannot wait to have this event again. Thank you all for coming out to celebrate!

I would like to thank Troop 705 of the Boy Scouts of America, Larry West, Roy Beals, Dr. Roger Allcroft, Tom Hillenbrand and Elaine Hyde for working on the garden at the Town Offices. Since I have been here, I would look at the garden and imagine a place where people can sit, enjoy beautiful flowers and sneak some cherry tomatoes. This garden will be a gathering space for clients, town people and staff to get some fresh air. Thank you so much for making this garden and our community grow.

One thing I have learned, being the Director for the Williamsburg Senior Center for the past 9 months, is that the Burgy community is strong with a big, generous heart. There are so many people who are engaged in our center as well as our goal to have Burgy residents “Age in Place”. We have obtained AARP recognition for “Aging in Place.” All I had to do was ask for help and people came to help us reach these goals. Thank you all! The goals we are currently working on are to improve communication in our town as well as
reaching out to those who are isolated. Friends, if you have thoughts or want to help, bring them our way! Since our community is what it is, perhaps visit a neighbor just to say hi.

In my short time here, I have gotten to know so many people. People with great ideas on all different topics. Please keep coming and bringing me your thoughts and ideas. I want to make our community what you want. Let’s do it together!

— Jenn Hoffman