Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - in the Hilltowns

Do you want to eat more fresh, healthy, and locally-grown produce, but find it too expensive or difficult to get?

If you receive SNAP (Food Stamps), or if you are eligible and willing to sign up for SNAP, you may be able to participate in a 10-week Hilltown-grown farm share that is 100% reimbursable through your HIP (Healthy Incentives Program) benefit! You can choose the right size share for your household and pick up your weekly assortment of local fruits and vegetables in Huntington or Worthington without spending any additional SNAP dollars. This “Hilltown Mobile Market” pilot program is available to Hilltown residents this summer and there are a limited number of spots open. To find out more about how to sign-up, go to or contact Caitlin Marquis at 413-588-5562.