Hilltown Food Pantry Reopens

Hilltown Food Pantry, a program of Northampton Survival Center, is open for food distribution to residents of the hilltowns of western Hampshire County.

pat theyer 1st church food pantry

In order to better adhere to the physical distancing guidelines our state is prescribing, and to help people stay closer to their homes, a temporary sister pantry has been opened at the R.H. Conwell Elementary School on Route 112 in Worthington to serve residents of Worthington and Cummington who are in need of grocery supplies. Please call 413-238-1999 to reserve bags for pick up on Thursdays from 1 – 1:30pm at the school.

The Hilltown Food Pantry, with its permanent location in Goshen, is open every Wednesday from 1-3pm [extended hours to 6pm are temporarily suspended] and will serve the remaining towns of its service area: Chesterfield, Goshen, Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Westhampton, and Williamsburg. Food distribution for this site has moved across the parking lot to the Goshen Town Hall assembly room. Again for space considerations to help clients, volunteers and staff maintain a safe distance from one another as bags are packed and distributed.

Both sites offer drive by pick up of prepacked bags of groceries for people who are struggling to have food on hand during this national pandemic emergency. The supplies include shelf stable items, fresh produce and other food items as available.

Hilltowners may also choose to access emergency food from Northampton Survival Center at the Jackson Street Elementary School, 120 Jackson St, Northampton on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-3pm during the national Covid-19 crisis.

For more information go to the

website: www.northamptonsurvival.org or

call 413-268-7578.