May COA Special Events

Friday, May 10th at 10am Walking Group

The walking group will begin on Friday, May 10th at the DAR beach parking lot. This is open to anyone who would like to join! At this first walk, folks can talk about how often the group would like to get together and where. It would be nice to walk on the several trails that are in the area. Just remember to wear comfy shoes and bring water. If you have any questions, please call Jane McGrath: 268-7077. It’s more fun to walk in a group, so we hope to see you!

Tuesday, May 14th at Noon

Spring Fling Dinner Town Hall Dining Room

May will bring May flowers but it will be a surprise what our May luncheon will bring! It will be a meal with variety, but not sure yet of all the details for our spring fling. You will have to come and see what it will be and bring a sweet if you want. But, if you get spring fever and don’t feel like baking, that will be fine, but we do always look forward to our many different kinds of desserts. Mike Rock will be around afterward to do a quick review on how to call for help in an emergency. You should always know your surroundings in case of emergency. Mike is the Highland Ambulance Director.

There is a Blood Pressure Clinic set up before our luncheon each month.

Friday, May 17th at 10am 3rd Friday Field Trip

Our 3rd Friday Field Trip will be to the Robert Barrett Fishway in Holyoke. We will be leaving the town parking lot at 10am and are planning on using the Easy Ride van. We will be stopping for lunch on our way home. Lunch cost is on your own.