Online Fraud Prevention - Keep Your Online Financial Information Safe

Two-factor Authentication (TFA)

If you don't do any business online, then this month I'm not writing to you! But as always, please pass this to someone who can use it. If you go online to check bank balances, deposit checks electronically, track credit card use, have a cloud storage account, or do online shopping or similar actions, then please continue reading.

What is it?

TFA (love those acronyms, as a former Federal employee) is a log-in process that requires two levels of identification before you can access your account. The first level is your username and Really Good Password. The second is something generated by a computer that you type in. This might be a random 6 numbers sent to you by email, phone, or text.

How come?

This cyber trick gives you an extra layer of security, making it harder for a hacker to get you. We all know they are getting smarter and more determined, but this will at least slow them down. TFA works partly because you use a code sent to you that is not kept anywhere and expires usually within minutes.

Many credit card companies and vendors will now encourage you to sign up for this. If you don't get hacked, life is easier for them, too!

Safely, Jean O’Neil, TRIAD committee member 413-268-2228,