COA Board News

Your COA board members are:

Elliot Ring, Chairman (634-5666)

Gail Roberge (634-0244) Worth Noyes (634-8003)

Kathy Knox (634-8041)

Ann Eisenhour, Foot Care Coordinator (634-2243)

JoDee Simard, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer (634-5051)

Anne Parsons, Recording Secretary (634-5707)

COA Board Positions

Your COA board is looking for three new members to make it a full board. Please consider joining us! Meetings are once a month, where all decisions about what will be offered in the future occur. Please consider donating some of your time and talents to our community in this way.

Taking a Break

The COA board is taking August off. There will be no board meeting or potluck. The office will be open.

See you in September!