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Excellent & Long-Awaited: Sarah the Fiddler Concert

Sarah the Fiddler performed outside the Westhampton Library

On Thursday, Sept. 30th, we were finally treated to an amazing concert by Sarah the Fiddler and her partner, Keith, outside the Library, thanks to the Friends of COA who sponsored her performance and to Meaghan Schwelm at the Westhampton Public Library. This was our 2nd rain date so we were eager to make this happen! Sarah regaled us with a wonderful and energetic assortment of tunes played on her 250-year-old violin including the patriotic war song, “Over There”, in which she asked veterans from each of branch of the military to stand. Thank goodness that the one threatening rain cloud passed over us quickly and didn’t disrupt the joy of the music on that cool, pleasant fall day. About 35 or so of us turned out to listen to the music and to her entertaining stories about participating in the now mostly-obsolete fiddlers’ contests as a child. Interesting fact: Sarah the Fiddler was originally classically trained on the violin. One of the pieces she played was “Ave Maria” composed by Schubert. And the violin is the same exact instrument as the fiddle, just played in a different way with a different attitude.

Posted: to Westhampton News on Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Updated: Tue, Oct 26, 2021