Seniors Aware of Fire Education

Fire Safety

Spring is finally here and we love getting out in it, even with the Spring chores. Here's a couple of ideas on how to enjoy spring safely:

  • Fill your mower with gas when the engine is cool.
  • Store gasoline outside the house, in a detached garage or shed.
  • If you get gas on your clothing, remember it's the gas vapor that is flammable, so wash them as soon as possible.
  • Store gas only in the RED containers marked for gasoline.
  • Do not start cooking fires with gasoline.
  • It's supposed to be another bad year for ticks, so cover up and spray before going out for a hike or yard work.
  • Check for ticks on you when coming in from being in the great outdoors.

Enjoy aSAFE Spring

--Worth Noyes, SAFE Educator

& Cummington Fire Departments

The Senior SAFE program is sponsored by many of your fire departments and the

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.