Memorial Day brings Veterans’ Park Dedication

Memorial Day was very special this year. The newly developed park, spearheaded by Dee Cinner and the veterans’ park committee members, Robin Bak, Fred Drake, Jim Mcsweeny, Bonnie Smith, Gil Smith and Skip Velencik, created a beautiful way to celebrate all of the veterans who gave their lives to preserve freedom. As Captain Tom Osbourne noted, ”This park memorializes the love we all hold for our community and the respect we have for our country”. Senator Adam Hinds observed that the ceremony and park were beautiful to see, adding that our community turnout was much larger than a similar event in Pittsfield. Selectwoman Trish-Colson Montgomery thanked the committee, and everyone in the community who helped.

In the works since 2014, the Veterans’ Park is almost fully completed. The Dedication on Memorial Day was attended by 120 people. The Committee felt that this was a great start in getting the people of Chesterfield to feel that they personally “own” the Park and will immediately start using it. Things still to be done include planting more perennials and geraniums for ground cover. Several volunteers are needed to do light gardening such as weeding, deadheading, and keeping the large pots watered. If you can occasionally help, please contact Dee Cinner at 413-2964337 or